trainingSirona provides UK government multi-sector accredited training.


Sirona specialise in the provision of human resource training.

Our team of qualified trainers deliver UK qualifications and also develop programmes to fit our clients needs.

Trainers have a minimum of 15 years experience in their specialist area and some are qualified up to Masters level.

Our course material can be enhanced with new technology such as eLearning and 3D graphics.


English language is a key part of all training programmes.

Subject to the client requirements, we advise for semi-skilled and skilled personnel fifteen hours of language training which will bring all students up to the English CEF (Common European Framework) level A1.

Basic Arabic can also be introduced on all courses.

CEF level A1: You can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and simple sentences. You can introduce yourself and ask other people simple questions about themselves – for example, where they live, how they are or what things they like and you can also give your own answers to these types of questions. You can take part in a simple conversation if the person you are conversing with talks slowly and helps you by repeating things.


Sirona is able to offer UK government regulated (OFQUAL) accreditation through awarding bodies including the Chartered Institute of Environment Health, Industry Qualifications and Highfield.

OFQUAL is a British Government organisation established to maintain standards and confidence in qualifications. OFQUAL is independent of Government ministers and reports directly to Parliament in Westminster and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

OFQUAL is independent, and gives advice to Government on qualifications and assessment based on our research.